Our First ‘Ms.Tech Talks’ Event

Journeys from humble beginnings to entrepreneurial success.

On March 27th, we hosted the first of many Ms.Tech Talks, an event with four ambitious women sharing their incredible stories and their journeys from humble beginnings to entrepreneurial success.  Personally inspired by the #MsTech Talks event, I left with some advice that I found most encouraging. And the good news is, if you couldn’t be with us that night, we captured each story to share with all of you.

Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

Patricia Anderson, Chief Information Officer at Rewards Network kicked things off by discussing the importance of having goals, loving your job and being able to “turn challenges into opportunities” (Anderson). She shared her story starting out as a developer, scaling an early web company, the challenges of taking a company from waterfall to agile, notes on her new startup and even shared the entrepreneurial spirit of her 26 year-old daughter who made more use out of the company printer by offering outside printing services to other businesses.


Don’t be afraid to fail.

Shradha Agarwal, Co-Founder and President of ContextMedia followed Anderson and shared her experience with trying new things and asking a lot of questions.  I believe successful entrepreneurs are risk takers who not afraid to try new things. Agarwal said, “If you have an idea or way to improve something in the world, go try it.” Even if you aren’t initially successful, you will benefit from the experience and will never miss out on an opportunity that could be successful.  Don’t be afraid to fail.

Don’t Look Back

Lori Colman, Co-CEO of CBD Marketing shared some advice on looking forward.  Three simple words: “don’t look back.”   Colman’s story provided the assurance that despite having made mistakes in the past, if you look ahead, there will always be opportunities to succeed.  “Don’t let mistakes define your life” (Colman).  You have to consider the past as just practice for the future.  Colman launched CBD Marketing 25 years ago and found success not in her mistakes, but in her ability to look ahead and learn from those mistakes.


Self-Promotion Is Important

Ce Cole Dillon, Chief Operating Officer at School Loan 411 concluded with some advice that, though I find sometimes challenging, will benefit from for the rest of my life.  “Self-promotion is important” (Cole Dillon).  As a recent college graduate, I know how challenging it is to sell yourself.  I always wonder “do I sound conceited?” or “am I really THAT good at that?”  But at the end of the day, it is the people that do sell themselves that will get ahead.  A lot of the time, a supervisor is not going to notice the timid, hard working woman sitting in her cubicle when her confident co-worker is boldly pitching all his great ideas.  Acknowledge your skills, be confident, and sell yourself.


Thank You, Signature Consultants!

signature consultants

“Ms.Tech Talks: Four stories. First hand.” was sponsored by Signature ConsultantsMolly Louthan and her team contributed to the success of this event in many ways. We appreciate leaders like Molly, and organizations like Signature Consultants, for both contributing to the mission and success of Ms.Tech, but the contribution to our community and the awareness this brings to raising the profile of women in tech.

Who would you like to hear speak at the next Ms.Tech Talks?

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